Death Row Should Be Abolished

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Death row is not only morally wrong, but it is telling the murders that killing someone for doing something wrong is right. Since August, 6, 1912, there have been two hundred and eighty-two executions, done by the state of South Carolina (South Carolina Department of Corrections, 2016.) Death row should be abolished, not only does it give inmates the impression that an eye for an eye is okay, but it puts innocent people lives at risk. Death row costs taxpayers millions of dollars, and it is a violation of the eight amendments. First of all, the death penalty puts innocent lives at risk. When people go up for the death penalty a lot of factors can determine if a person will receive death row or not. Race plays a major role in these kind of decisions. Most jurors will sentence a person that is a minority to death row with little to no evidence, before they will sentence someone who is not a minority. Which have happened in some cases, even if they have committed the same crime. One hundred and thirty-eight men and women have been acquitted from death row, and some of these individuals were days or even hours away from getting executed (30 Facts about Death Row, 2016.) Another thing that can play a role is a bad defense attorney (United States Death Penalty Facts, 2016,) A lot of death row cases have been overturned, because the defense did not do a lot of research about the incident when they were going through their trial. At least when the jury sentence someone to life…
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