Death Schone Magelone By Ludwig Tieck

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“Sind es Schumerzen, sind es Freuden”(“are they sorrows or are they joys”) is a song from Brahms’ song cycle Romanzen aus L. Tieck’s Magelone, Op. 33 No. 3. As text for his song cycle, Brahms chose excerpts from the novel Die schöne Magelone by Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853). The novel tells a love story between Peter von Provence and Magelone, the king’s daughter. In this particular song, Peter and Magelone falls in love with each other. Though Brahms is most widely known as an instrumental composer, more than half of his opus numbers are devoted to vocal works. In Brahms’ song cycles, he avoided the traditional strophic forms. Instead, he chooses dramatic shifts in music material, unpredictable harmonies, and sudden changes in tempo and rhythm.
The song starts with an unusually long piano introduction that lasted 8 measures, gives an idea of the large scale of this song. The rolled chords (mm.1-8) and broken octaves underneath the beautiful melody suggesting Peter’s lute. The vocal line begins with the expressive melody identical to the beginning of the piano introduction. It is characterized by embellishments on words “sind” (to be), “busen”(bosom) and “wünsche”(desire). Emphasizing Peter yearning for Magelone’s love. The second stanza is set to the same music as the first stanza, and Brahms even indicates this with a repeat sign rather than notating the music twice. The harmony of the verse ends on a half-cadence but the chords at the last measure are not rolled, (mm.20)…

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