Death System ( P. 565 )

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List 8:
1. Death System (p.565): This concept varies across cultures and includes several aspects. A death system is made up of the people of the community—all people will die at some point as well as the people who deal with death for their occupation. The death system is also made up of the places where death typically occurs, the times that we honor our deceased, as well as the objects and symbols that we associate with death. I think that this concept is important because it functions to make sense of death and deal with caring for dying loved ones and removal of the body when they are gone.
2. Advance Care Planning (p.568): This concept is talking about a patient who wants to discuss their preferences about end-of-life care and whether or not they would like to receive life-sustaining treatment. I found this concept interesting because the text mentioned a study which said more people were deciding on hospice care rather than life-sustaining treatment. I thought that this was interesting because I would have expected more people that wanted to live longer by the help of medical assistance.
3. Passive Euthanasia (p.568): This concept occurs when a patient who is suffering from a terminal illness is allowed to choice to remove the life-sustaining treatment that is keeping them alive in the purpose of ending their suffering. I think that this concept is interesting because of how controversial it is. It sad to think of a patient’s quality of life when life-sustaining
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