Death : The Grim Reaper

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Everyone is a little afraid of death. It is one of the radical subjects that marks around humanity. Death is a horrific subject to fathom, but let’s face it, our time will come soon. The unanswered questions include: What happens when you die? Does it hurt? Do you go anywhere? Does it all just go dark? Is there an afterlife? To try and understand death, the Grim Reaper have personified it in an effort to try and deduce insight into the process. Everything about the Grim Reaper is instilled with meaning. From the object he carries to the clothes he wear, the image illustrates the fear of mortality. In the Grim Reaper, the author included the image to portray the serious aspect of death. The Grim Reaper first originated during the Black Plague. During this horrific era, the plague killed over 60 percent of its population. As I looked at this image, the image sends a powerful indication that death is inevitable and no one can escape it, which enhance the audience horrific nightmare of mortality. In addition, the Grim Reaper indicates how evil death looks and he has the ability to reap human souls. The setting provides significance to the theme of death. Based on the image, The Grim Reaper is seen to be the collector of souls and has the power to kill anyone out of malice. While the Grim Reaper is in a black tattered robe, the author uses imagery of light and darkness to express the design of the picture. The genre appears to be gothic because the setting portrays the…

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