Death: The Role Of Cultural Differences In Nursing

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Nursing is a noble profession, the capability of a nurse to understand the patient’s needs and assisting them to recovery is truly an amazing thing that a nurse can do. Nurses’ use clinical judgments’ in providing care for patients’ to improve, restore or recover their health status and to achieve the best outcomes regardless their disease or disability until death. Each and one of us are born in different ways and place and what unites everyone regardless what cultures they are from at the end all of us will die. Nevertheless, each and everyone’s culture varies from the way they conceptualize death. Some cultural believes that death will occur with certain age and in some cultural, death is said to happen when the person had total cessation of life. In certain cultural, death is vied as a transition to other form of continuation (Beshai, 2008).

Some cultural believe that death is a rebirth of a new life and in some cultural they believe that death is the end, it is the final, nothing will happen after death. These differences in conceptions of death do have a great influence on everyone lifestyles including their willingness to accept death. There is no doubt that when it comes to …show more content…

al. (1998); Duffy, (2001) & Leininger, (2002), today nurses are becoming more and more receptive and knowledgeable on cultural differences and they acknowledge and respond to the differences in cultural. Many authors had stated that, it is crucial for nurses to gain knowledge in cultural differences in order for them to deliver the best care for individual from divers cultural (Ryan, et. al. 2000). To achieve holistic care, nurses need to sensitive and aware of the cultural differences. Every individual do have many differences and different cultures and they do have different forms of demands in regards to health. It is believed that, everyone does have the rights to express their own cultural beliefs and values freely (Campinha-Bacote,

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