Death, The Tell Tale Heart, By The Grimm Brothers

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Death is a concept in the theme that has a presence in the short stories Godfather Death, The Tell-Tale heart, and The Story of an Hour. Death is always lurking in the shadows. Death is the unavoidable shadow in the character faces death becomes a companion to the namaste.

Death is part of the theme in the story Godfather Death. “Godfather Death” by the Grimm brothers is a story that tries to make sense out of why people have to pass away. Death is unavoidable to every being. The godson in this story wanted to cheat death, he was not ready to give up his life. He tried to get death himself to give him more life but as the man found out that is not possible. The story explains in a strange way that when your life candle is to burn out and you are to pass away there is no way to avoid it. Death takes his godson to the underworld to show him why he must take life when the time has come. The godson begs him not to take his life and explains he only cheated Death because he wanted to marry the beautiful princess and become the King. “That I cannot do,” Death replies. “One candle must first go out before a new one is lighted.” (Grimm) ( 15). He explains that his short candle may be put on top of a long candle so his life does not expire. Death tricks the man and says he will do this, but he stumbles and the candle goes out leaving the man lifeless. In the poem “Because I could not stop for Death” the character accepts that his time has come to pass away. The man that…

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