Death Valley National Park Research Paper

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This was my journey to The Death Valley National Park, it was a fun and exciting three days there. Death Valley is located in southeastern California and west of Las Vegas, Nevada. Probably the worst part of the trip was flying, my mom and I hate flying. But after flying we go to the park and the The Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel. Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel is located in the heart of Death Valley with a great spot for families and adventures. This hotel is very popular and has had a lot of good reviews. I see why it had all those good reviews. It was a very good hotel overall. It is home to the Tollhouse Restaurant and Badwater Saloon. This hotel also has a pool which is nice because as it is very hot we can cool down in the pool. Free…show more content…
The park was made a national park on October 31st 1994. There are not many ways to get to the park. Adventurists will have to rent a car to get to to the National Park and the Hotel. The park is the the biggest parks outside of alaska, at 3.4 million acres. The park does feel very large especially with how hot and dry it can feel, it has gotten up to 136 degrees fahrenheit in 2012. The average high temperature is an amazing 117 degrees Fahrenheit with a not so low of 88 degrees fahrenheit, the month of June is not very cold. The coldest month is December with a high of 65 and a low of 38 degrees fahrenheit. But it is a hot June day with the temperature at around 110 degrees so it's not too hot for Death Valley. As we continue on in our fantastic and cool car with air conditioning, we see the heat coming up from the desert land. While we are driving through the lowest part in the content at 282 feet below sea level, we see 3 coyotes. Coyotes, desert bighorns, bobcats, mountain lions and mule deer can be seen in Death Valley National Park. The coyotes could not do much because we were safe in our wonderfully air conditioned car. After we went passed the coyotes we came up upon the highest part in the park which is only 15 miles away from the lowest part. The highest part of Death Valley is Telescope Peak which is 11,049. There are more adventurous people than me that would want to climb the mountain but my family and I won't be climbing Telescope Peak anytime
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