Death With Dignity And Suicide Assistance

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Death with Dignity / Suicide Assistance George Langelaan’ s short story, “The Fly”, reveals the intense details of an experiment gone wrong, which ultimately shifted every character’s ideal foundations. Andre Delambre, a French scientist and war veteran, faces a scientific devastation that buries him heap of hopelessness from ever recovering. Out of desperation, he asks his wife, Helen, to carry out his last wish – to commit suicide. Langelaan reveals the physical, moral, and emotional justification of suicide assistance through the perspective of Helen, much reflecting today’s modern version of lethal injecting or prescribing a lethal combination of medication to terminally ill patients at their wish. As perfectly depicted in the movie The Fly, when Andre tells Helen, while giving her precise instructions, “Three knocks means I have your promise. My life is in your hands” (Kurt Neumann), they are loyal to carry out their loved one’s desires to their upmost ability. To begin with, Langelaan projects the physical justification in Andre’s suicide; he was had an incurable condition that would only lead to more pain. Langelaan’s “The Fly” describes Helen’s desperation to resolve the problem, unknowingly of the true nature of Andre’s condition; Without a word, I picked up the tray and then put it down again as I stopped by the telephone. That this was really a matter of life and death for André I had no doubt. Neither did I doubt that he fully intended committing suicide,

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