Death With Dignity Essay

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You've sat in your hospital bed for at least three months now, and the pain and boredom is starting to become even more torturous than you could have imagined. The pain that you are experiencing on a day-to-day basis is excruciating; a normal, everyday procedure like using the restroom or getting something to eat is a long, drawn out, and painful ordeal. All of the doctors that you've talked to agree that you are going to die soon from the disease that has infested your body, but even six months sounds like an excruciatingly long amount of time, especially when all you have to occupy your time is lie in a bed painfully, waiting it out. Your family and friends are already distraught by the news; they already know that you are on the brink …show more content…
Doctor Faye Girsh backs up this statement by showing that many patients want to end their lives and the suffering that comes with it. She says, “At the Hemlock Society we get calls daily from desperate people who are looking for someone like Jack Kevorkian to end their lives which have lost all quality... Americans should enjoy a right guaranteed in the European Declaration of Human Rights -- the right not to be forced to suffer. It should be considered as much of a crime to make someone live who with justification does not wish to continue as it is to take life without consent.”(1) This shows that euthanasia supports the common good, which is one of the values our Democracy was founded on. Euthanasia has also become legal in Oregon and Washington in the United States now. This means that votes have actually shown that people want euthanasia to be legal. Because one of the Democratic ideals is popular sovereignty, the United States must carry out the will of the people. All of these examples show that euthanasia should be allowed in the United States, but how do we get that goal to become a reality? The best way to get people informed and involved is to create plenty of ads and announcements regarding euthanasia in order to

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