Death With Dignity Thesis

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The right to die with dignity is a very controversial topic. Some have not even heard of this either because the state they live in hasn’t legalized it, or because it never was brought up in their lives before. Since the early nineteen-nineties, this law has been debated about and brought up numerous times in terminally ill cases. Lately, especially since four states have legalized it and 50% of the states, not including the ones that have already legalized it, have considered permitting the death with dignity law while some people are still against it. In the four states that have legalized it, which are Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and California, Oregon was the first in 1994. In Oregon, people actually voted to pass this law as well as…show more content…
There are varying punishments in the other states. A big reason why these places don’t allow death with dignity is because of the prognosis part of the law. In the law, the prognosis has to be six months or less. Dr. Peter Rasmussen states “Admittedly, we are inaccurate in prognosticating the time of death under those circumstances. We can easily be 100 percent off…” This could cause a problem because someone could actually live past their prognosis of 6 months. If assisted-suicide is not legal where they are resident of, then they have to wait out the prognosis but in some cases it could be ok to wait because you could live longer than expected. In the states that have the death with dignity law, people might not want to wait it out even though it could turn out better than it was estimated. Also, this law goes against many religious believes. Many people accept that “A person didn't choose to be born, so they don't have a right to end their life. If they suffer, they should seek God, and he will deliver them from their agony, but taking a life, is a straight way ticket to hell, no solution to any dilemma necessary.” (Smith,
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