Death and Disease in Africa Essay

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Death and Disease in Africa

There is one disturbing topic that this paper will cover, but many possible solutions to the problem which will be discussed. The topic is the AIDS epidemic in
Africa, and what they can learn from other countries to try to control the rapid spread of
AIDS. This paper will offer a few solutions one might find may (or may not) work to help Africa?s peril.

Africa has a total fertility rate (TFR) of 5.2 children per woman, a problem that is not likely to go away anytime soon. In comparison the largest country in the world,
China, has a TFR of only 1.8 largely because of their one-child policy and educational programs. Could imposing fertility rates in Africa not only curb the massive population
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If the AIDS population growth continues like it is, where does this leave Africa? By the year 2050 Africa will dwarf China?s population by almost 100%. China has imposed a fertility policy on their citizens since the 1970?s which has helped drastically control this giant of a country?s population. Should Africa do the same thing for the good of its citizens and the rest of the world? When those numbers were entered in the geocism program, one would think that with Africa?s mortality and AIDS rate, they would have no competition with China?s already high population, and high life expectancy. This reflects the awesome power of fertility.

An Overview of Africa?s Peril
Africa is living with the largest AIDS population in the world. An estimated 3.8 million adults and children in Sub-Saharan Africa became infected with HIV during the year 2000, slightly less than the 1999 regional total of 4.0 million. During the year 2000,
2.4 million people died of an AIDS-related illness in Africa, and since the beginning of the epidemic, about 34 million people were infected. In the year 2001 alone, there were
3.4 million new infections, and more than 30% of pregnant women were HIV positive
AIDS Continues...). At this very moment, 25.3 million people are living with AIDS in
Sub-Saharan Africa, that?s about 2/3 of the total world AIDS population (AIDS
Epidemic). In most areas of Africa, it is very likely that a child will die of AIDS, from
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