Death and Dying

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Countless human beings build bonds with other individuals throughout their lifetime. Once the bonds are broken as a result of death and dying, majority of the human beings will go through a period of mourning. There are multiple aspects that can contribute to the way an individual mourns the death of loved ones, however, gender plays a leading role in the human being’s reaction. I am going to show this by examining the natural stimuli, historic stimuli and social stimuli. In my opinion I feel that the way in which human beings mourn is most times unique to that individual and should not be compared to anyone else’s. In view of that, no human being should be judged by another individual’s personal experiences (Kahane 49). Many…show more content…
There have been recent findings from studies that have been carried out regarding the MRI scans of males versus females. The scans have provided information showing that multiple males have less neural connectors between the two hemispheres of the brain which indicate that males have a higher chance of struggling with vocally conveying their emotions. On the other hand, scans that have been taken of females show that numerous females have a larger number of connectors between the two hemispheres of the brain which indicated that females are less likely to struggle with the vocal conveying of their emotions. The dissimilarities in the male and female brain structure show that males in general discover and converse about their emotions through reasoning. While, females in general will require some form of communication with others regarding their emotions. After examining the gender’s brain structure and forming a perspective on how they both deal with emotions it is evident that males and female’s brains speak different languages (Kahane 49).
The communication styles of males versus females are not similar and can sometimes be misunderstood by the opposite gender. Males are misjudged for having heartless and solitude communication styles, whereas, females are often misjudged for having over-the-top and

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