Essay Death and Herculaneum

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Module Six: Text Questions

Review Questions

What is liver mortis? How might this reveal information about the time of death?
Liver mortis is the settling of blood in the lowest parts of the body. Liver mitosis happens about 8 to 12 hours after death.
What three aspects does a forensic autopsy seek information about? Describe each of these aspects.
The purpose of a forensic autopsy is to find out the time of death, the mechanism of death, and the manner of death. The time of death is what led to the death, the mechanism of death refers to anything used to kill the person, and the manner of death is either homicide or suicide.
How can digestion rates give information to forensic scientists about the time of death?
Digestive rate
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Why or why not?
No, I’m sure it would be fun but I don’t think I would be able to investigate a deceased person with them just lying there motionless.
If you were a forensic anthropologist and were studying human remains, what information would you look for in the bones? Why would this information be helpful? I would look for scars and bumps and bruises, it might help to see if maybe the individual was beaten to death or not.
What can the distribution of bones tell a forensic scientist? What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of collecting skeletal remains at a crime scene?
The distribution of skeletal remains tell the scientists how long the bones or individual has been there. The most challenging part for me would have to be finding the little pieces of the puzzle, the missing link or where the body originally was.

Module Six: Lab Questions
1. Where is Herculaneum located? What happened to the city?
Herculaneum is located in Rome. The city Herculaneum was buried in ash due to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
2. Why is Herculaneum important to archeology today?
The importance of Herculaneum today has to do with how well it has been preserved. Archeologists use Herculaneum today to study the life its civilians back then and who lived there.
3. What are some of the challenges that archeologists face when examining the city of Herculaneum?
The challenges archeologists face when in Herculaneum would be how fragile the structures
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