Death and Loss: A Short Narrative Essay

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The rain pounds the ground of Belamie Road with its obstinate manner. Still Frankie did not move from his spot on the sidewalk. Now was the best time for him. His gray eyes cover the space in front of him but he does not take in the site. He is cold, hardened. The look on his face is dark and intriguing, the look that brought the storm. He leans against the street lamp allowing it’s dim glow to catch his youthful features among the rain and the cold. He lets a smirk dance playfully onto his face as his keen ears pick up the sound of a car. The smirk is a lie but he knows it helps, and he knows he needs all the help he can get. The car drives by at the speed limit, something Frankie is used to but not something he likes.…show more content…
Gingerly he pulled the long sleeve white shirt across his scratched shoulders and over the cuts whipped vilely into the pallor flesh. He buttoned the cuffs around blue toned wrists before securing his tie around his red, bite ridden neck. Pulling on his tight black jeans Frankie fled the premises remembering fully the growl of the man to be gone before he woke. Frankie jogged the way to his willow tree were he picked up his bag for school, pausing only to check and see if it was the ominous mans car parked on the curb in front of the queer willow. Davey awoke looking at his guilty alarm clock. Slowly he moved from his bed before turning on his computer. He worked a short while before becoming bored with the monotone drear of his life as an online stockbroker. His accounts filled up though the man only rented the dank one room apartment and his car only just ran. He lived in moderation, well with the exception of his clothes and bedding. Yawning Davey slipped into the small green shower with pealing wallpaper allowing his mind to entertain in the fact of the boy who lived on the street below. He knew the boy was better than that. Davey slid out allowing the beads of water to slide down his clean flesh to the fake tiled floor. Without dressing he fixed a hot cup of tea before sliding into his chair by the window. Davey saw the boy get into the car with what looked like an overweight businessman. He stopped
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