Death and Proper Burial Essay

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1. What are the reasons and what is the purpose of state and local regulations for corpse disposition? Regulations for corpse disposition are implemented because when the body dies it begins to decompose which results in a foul odor. State and local regulations are in place so that proper burial can occur and the odor does not offend society. Also, the dead bodies have to be far enough from the water supply as to not taint it and sicken the population. These regulations are in place to protect the people as well as give proper burial to the dead. 2. What are your personal views? I believe that the traditional funeral process is unnecessary for my family culture. As I have said in the discussion board we take a more humorously…show more content…
In the show, characters are presented with death at the beginning of each episode and the rest of the episode is structured around how they cope or maintain a regular life while managing being exposed to death on a daily basis. I personally believe this show discusses the idea of funeral directors (and others involved) having a life outside of “death.” Also the family members of the funeral directors. What does it do to you to see death EVERYDAY? 5. What are your personal views on memorial preserves? I personally have never heard of them until reading this article. I find it very interesting for this alternative to exist but it is not widely known by individuals. I have only experienced few immediate deaths in my family and we always said we wished we had an alternative option. Looking back on it I think my family does not necessarily visit the tombstone of our loved ones so having somewhere where their body helps nature would be best option for us. I am very aware that other cultures or families may not find this to be a perk of their funeral process and therefore may prefer traditional burial services. 6. What other ideas do you have about alternative, eco-friendly funerals? I think that this existing gives individuals freedom of expression even after passing on. Personally I don’t think I would visit one. (As mentioned before, I don’t visit family members tombstones
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