Death and Rebirth: Examinig Death Through Poetry Essay

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Death and Rebirth: Examining Death Through Poetry            Death is one of the only true constants in the universe and is the only guarantee in life. Everyone knows of death and everyone will experience it, but to the living death is still one of life's greatest mysteries. In some cultures death is celebrated and embraced, while in others it is feared. However it is perceived, death holds different meanings for different people. Through the art of poetry a writer can give a reader many different outlooks and maybe a better understanding of life and death.      Death is certain. We cannot escape it, but just because it is inevitable should we just give in to its…show more content…
Through the snakes death the reader gets the idea of how fast and unexpected death can be, sometimes there is no way to prepare for it.      Unlike the dark out look of the beginning of the poem, after a little refection the speaker gains a different outlook on death. In lines 15 to 20 ”Yet under reason burn a brighter fire, which the bones have always preferred. It is the story of endless good fortune. It says to oblivion: not me!”(687) The speaker has the knowledge of imposing death but through reasoning chooses to keep on fighting. His “bones” which could be a symbol for his unconscious body, which still functions without the knowledge of life and death, or his “bones” could represent his ancestors which went through the same struggles the speaker has. This is reinforced by the closing lines “It is the light at the center of every cell. It is what sent the snake coiling and flowing forward happily all spring through the green leaves before he came to the road.”(688), the “light in every cell”, could be a symbol for life or DNA, it is present in every cell, not only is it a building blueprint for the cell, but it is also a set of instructions for the daily functions and activities of the cell. In a sense it drives it to do work. For some reason the cell wants to live. DNA also spirals and coils much like the snake in the poem. The ironic part of this poem is that same drive that

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