Death and Suicide - The Death of a Friend Essay

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The Death of a Friend I hid my face as I sat desperately alone in the back of the crowded church and stared through blurry eyes at the stained glass windows. Tears of fear and anguish soaked my red cheeks. Attempting to listen to the hollow words spoken with heartfelt emotion, I glanced at his picture, and my eyes became fixed on his beloved dog. Sudden flashes of sacred memories overcame me. Memories of soccer, his unforgettable smile, and our frequent exchange of playful insults, set my mind spinning. I longed only to hear his delighted voice once more. I sat for what seemed like hours in that lonely yet overcrowded church; my tears still flowed, and I still remembered. October 2, 2001 started like a normal Tuesday…show more content…
She just happened to be in an FBLA officer meeting, which I got her out of. She said her meeting was important, but selfishly I didn't care, because I was desperate and needed her badly. I tried to tell her how I felt through my tears, but I couldn't make much sense. She embraced me with her loving arms and fell silent as I cried on her shoulder. The rest of the day was quite frustrating, yet at the same time relieving. Some people were surprisingly compassionate and wanted to support those who were hurting. However, some people went out of their way to show their heartless attitudes toward what had happened. These people seemed to have no remorse for the loss of a gentle classmate and friend. All I wanted was to go home and talk to my mom. I needed someone who understood, but none of my friends even knew him. Nobody knew what had happened to Derek, not even his parents. Most believed the seemingly obvious: he committed suicide. However, that wasn't enough for me, because I knew him; he was so up-beat and happy, at least so I thought. The police still had some doubts about the idea of suicide, and they began questioning a few kids from school who had been harassing Derek. In my opinion, no matter what had actually happened, it was a direct result of harassment. That miserable Tuesday made me realize just how bad our society had become. Just the thought of a few kids laughing about Derek's

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