Death and the Afterlife Essay

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Death and the Afterlife

A/ Muslims believe in Akhirah. This is the belief that there is
eternal life after death in either Heaven (paradise) or Hell. To reach
either Hell or Heaven Muslims believe they must cross the Assirat
Bridge. While crossing the Assirat Bridge Allah passes his judgement
on your soul. The righteous can cross the bridge and reach paradise,
but the damned will simply fall off the bridge into the fiery pits of

Paradise is for believers in Allah who have followed his teachings and
have been forgiven for their sins and haven't committed any. Paradise
is a place of beauty and tranquillity.

"Heaven with its beautiful gardens, flowing rivers, lovely

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"Garments of fire have been prepared for the

unbelievers. Scolding water shall be poured upon

their heads, melting the skins and that which is

in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of


(Surah 22;19)

Even though there are many different teachings and descriptions of the
afterlife, all Muslim teachings are unanimous on the fact there is
eternal afterlife even in paradise or Hell, happiness or pain.

Muslims also have teachings on their death rituals that must be
carried out precisely to reach paradise and to respect the beliefs and
wishes of all Muslims. When a Muslim dies their body (corpse) is
washed in scented water. This has to be done by a member of the same
sex, after being washed they are wrapped in white robes. The number of
robes depends on the sex, a man will only be wrapped in 3, where as a
woman will be wrapped in 5. If the person has taken the holy
pilgrimage to Makka they would of brought back sheets which they would
of worn during the pilgrimage and been washed in the waters of the
holy well Zam-Zam during the pilgrimage. If they have done this during
the course of their life their body will be wrapped in them in
addition to their other robes. The poor and the wealthy are treated
the same, as all are equal in Allah's eyes. They first will be taken
to a mosque or an open…