Death by Driving Drunk

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In todays world, one of the leading causes of death during driving is drunk driving. Drunk driving not only puts you in danger but everyone around you in danger. There are many ways that alcohol affects you that makes you drive very bad. To help stop this, The police have made many laws regarding drunk driving and have made many arrests regarding driving under the influence. There are also many stories out there that make us wonder about the dangers and risks of drunk driving. Theres also many laws and reforms being proposed to stop people from drunk driving. Alcohol affects your body and your driving skills very much. Alcohol is a depressant so it slows down your system. This includes your brain. Slowing down your brain causes the driver to get distracted easily and can quickly change their mood. Drinking also weakens your immune system increasing your chances of getting ammonia. Drinking too much can also make you get cancer in places like the mouth or throat. Drinking a lot could also result in liver failures and increased chances of heart attacks. The more you drink, the more lethal the heart attack could be (unknown name1). Alcohol is a depressant. That means that it slows down your reflexes and makes it take longer to react to situations. Drinking affects the three parts of the brain. These parts are called the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the medulla. The cerebrum controls reasoning, voice, or recognition. This is why drunk drivers often drive aggressively since
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