Death by the Black Plague

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The plague was the most devastating pandemic in human history, killing around 80-200 million people mostly throughout Europe, leaving most people back then wondering how they and others got sick and died. “Evidence available from rural continental Europe suggests a slow spread of human mortality across trade and travel routes, patterns consistent” (Carmichael 3), until after multiple inventions such as printing, word spread of this murderer, preventing more deaths and to treat those affected. This disease is known throughout the world as the Black Death and still lingers to this day, corrupting individuals in areas of poverty who can’t find shelter from this relentless killer. Even with government surveillance and modern technology and medicine, to this day we can’t 100% cure those affected by the plague, but modern antibiotics make this disease less deadly. This infectious fever is caused by the bacillus Yersinia Pestis, a bacterium transmitted to humans from rodents through the bite of infected fleas. Today, when someone gets infected it is usually because they were bit or exposed to rodents, such as squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs or scratches or bites from infected domestic cats. When outbreaks occur, and the number of rodents decreases in number due to overpopulation of fleas, the fleas from dead rodents fail to find new hosts, so in order to survive they are forced to infest humans, thus carrying on the disease. The three most common forms of the plague are

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