Death of Marilyn Monroe

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“The Death of Marilyn Monroe” by Edwin Morgan The poem “The Death of Marilyn Monroe” by Edwin Morgan explores the themes of isolation and loneliness throughout. The poem does this by adding in the use of imagery and tone. This poem by Morgan examines the theme of isolation by looking at the situation that Marilyn Monroe was in at the height of her fame. The poet looks at how Monroe was treated and how desolate she was even though she was surrounded by the likes of the press and she was constantly in the public eye. I am going to discuss how isolated Marilyn Monroe was and how Morgan carried this theme of isolation throughout the poem with the…show more content…
She was found lying by the phone when she died and Morgan shows this in his poem: “Let no one say communication is a cantword. They had to lift her hand from the bedside telephone.” The single lines emphasises the importance of communication. It could be argued that she was trying to reach out to someone in the moments before her death, but no one was there. No one was there during her life and no one was there during her death. Morgan shows this is the structure of the poem, with the use of the single lines, and then the words of Marilyn Monroe straight after. The poem finishes with the rhetorical questions, just as it started with them. This gives an element of doubt as who is to blame: “Los Angeles? Los Angeles? Will it follow you around? Will the slow white hearse of the child of America follow you around?” The repetition of “Los Angeles” could again be pointing the finger of blame towards America and its film industry. However it is almost as if Marilyn has accepted the blame, as if these are the words of her. She is accepting responsibility for her death, and America is unwilling to accept responsibility for their “child’s” death. The repetition of “white hearse” reminds us how innocent Marilyn Monroe was portrayed as, and how shocking the truth was that the public of America were the ones that caused her death. The use of the
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