Death of a Salesman: An Ending More Familiar Than Strange Essays

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Arthur Miller (1915-2005) born in Manhattan, but lived in Brooklyn when he was a teenager. He lived with his father during, the depression. This play “ Death of a salesman” makes me think that growing up in such an eventful time has a lot to do with how the elements of his drama revolves around life. His drama portrays the gloom and the sadness with some happy moments. Life brings out the elements, where the author stages the event and the characters play them out. The drama of this play includes several elements such as plot, characters, dialogue, stage setting, and theme. The author seemed to manage it all in this masterpiece. The main focus in this essay will be on the stage setting, character and plot. The stage …show more content…
Tells his parents he is going to settle down but doesn’t. Biff the second son is more likeable than Happy. He has been working on farms and at times comes home for a visit. They both act as though their still boys. The father seems to be the best character in this play. His past is very complicated. Willy represents a very common person so Miller thought tragedy could be for a person like him. He had a chance at several jobs but he always declined them and never explained why. He doesn’t seem to want to pursue a new life for himself. As time goes on he chooses suicide. His wife never understood why he took his own life. Seems his wife and children never helped him. Willy, just fails to realize his personal failure of the sales profession. He never really understood himself. Willy makes a sacrifice to leave an inheritance so Biff could fulfill the American Dream. Through all his advice and appointments you end up worth nothing. Biff tries to break the lies in the Lowman family in order to be realistic to himself. Happy never shares none of his poetry. Happy lacks self-knowledge and finds no escape from lies. Linda seems to be a very tough person and is very realistic. The American West and Alaska is where Willy’s father found success, and his brother Ben became rich in Africa. Not like where Willy lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood. This commercial world of the city trapped him in a poor reality. Alaska and the American jungle were his failures. The

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