Death of a Salesman Essay

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Andrew Fishman American Prison Willy Loman, the main character in Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, wants to live the American dream. He is consumed with his own misguided beliefs regarding success, which causes his life to be similar what Wyoming Senator Craig L. Thomas said about the American Dream: “You stuff Someone into the American dream, and it becomes a prison.” Willy’s obsession with the American Dream, believing that being well liked equates with success, keeps both he and his sons in a state of emotional immaturity. These beliefs causes the American Dream to be a prison. The Loman family’s American Dream becomes their prison, constructed of deception and false pride. They cannot escape their immature behavior of…show more content…
Charley realized that working with his hands made him happy. Even though this was the clear choice for Willy’s occupation he was too locked up in the prison that he couldn’t come to terms with himself about his true occupation.Willy wants to be a handyman but he frowns upon it as a occupation.Willy refuses to realize his true dream of being a handyman, and he refuses to think so because he thinks that his family is above that. This is evident when Willy says “ Even your grandfather was better than a Carpenter”. Willy is too caught up with the American Dream that he fails to consider a carpenter or any physically demanding job as an occupation. Willy is in the prison because he doesn’t do the job that he likes so he is stuck in the jail but he is the only one that could let him out of the prison. This is how Willy is stuck in the American Dream prison. Unlike Willy Biff realizes his dreams. Even though it took the whole play for Biff to realize what he wants he still eventually came to terms with it. Biff fails to find a steady, high-paying job even though he's 30, and he hates the business world, preferring instead to live on a farm in California. For a while Biff was “Finding himself”(16). During this time Biff goes from place to place searching for what he wants. Biff neglects the fact for a while that he just wants to work on a farm with

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