Death of a Salesman Illusion vs Reality

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Families always have their share of problems. Some may be minor such as having to cope with a disobedient teenager or an irritable child. Others may be more serious and sometimes beyond repair, like having to deal with lack of communication, secrets being kept from one another or possibly a temperamental father. An example of this dysfunctional family can be found in the tragic play Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller. The family presented in this play is the Loman family. They drown themselves in each others lies and dreams in hope of solving their problems, only to cause the destruction of their family. Until you are ready to face reality, living in an illusive world, will lead your life to be full of misery. Willy Loman, the …show more content…

After his moment of realization while waiting in Bill Oliver's office, Biff learns that his life up until now has been a complete fantasy; he no longer wants to pretend to be something he is not. During the funeral scene Biff finally breaks with his father and decides to go back west to do what he wants to do. He finally knows who he is and his position in the world.

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