Death of a Salesman

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SHORT ANSWER STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS - Death of a Salesman Act One 1. Who is Willy Loman? Willy Loman is a travelling salesman. He has a wife and two sons. He talks to himself a lot. He is almost retired, but he has not been very successful. He seems short-tempered and out of his mind a little. 2. Identify Linda. Linda is Willy’s wife. She is a wonderful wife and mother. She is always upbeat, supportive and positive. We only know Linda in contrast to Willy. 3. What happened to Willy after he got a little above Yonkers? Willy wasn’t paying attention while he was driving and almost hit a kid. 4. What is Linda's reaction to Willy's complaints about himself? Linda is patient and encouraging. She tries to…show more content…
24. What did Willy's father do for a living? How is that different from what Willy does? He made and sold flutes. Willy only sells things. 25. Why does Charley tell Willy "the jails are full of fearless characters"? Being fearless is not always good. Many ‘fearless’ people do bad things and get caught for them.39 26. Linda says, "Attention, attention must be paid to such a person." Explain. Willy has worked very hard his whole life. He has not been successful but he’s still a man and still deserves respect. Willy is very tired and getting old. 27. Linda tells the boys that Willy won't be all right. When the boys ask why he won't, what is her reply? Willy has been trying to kill himself. 28. What advice does Willy give Biff on the evening before he goes to see Bill Oliver? How does Willy contradict himself again? - Wear a suit, don’t crack any jokes, speak little. - Be serious, quiet, sturdy. - Ask for a larger amount of money. Contradictions: - Walk in with a big laugh. Tell some good stories. Personality always wins. 29. How much time passes in the first act? How much time are we given information about? Several hours in one evening. All together we see about 13 years of their life. Biff was in grade 12. Act Two 1. Where did Biff go early that morning? 2. What did Willy resolve to talk about with Howard? 3. What is the result of Willy's conversation with Howard? 4. "You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away --

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