Death of a Salesman

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He is a man struggling to gain upward mobility in a society designed to keep him in the trenches. The classic idea of a tragic hero is an important person who falls from a lofty seat in life. Willy, however, is just a common man trying to get to a place he can fall from. According to Arthur Miller, a tragic hero need not be a king or anyone of high rank. What’s important is the existence of the character’s “tragic flaw”, out of which creates the need to resist anything the character would consider a force attacking their being. Miller outlined the tragic flaw as a quality of a character that leaves them unable to accept anything that would affect or alter his/her status or self-image. While this flaw can create the tragic nature of a character, it does not necessarily create a tragic hero out a character. Willy Loman, though perhaps a tragic character, is not a tragic hero because he does not display the characteristic traits or actions associated with heroism. Starting with the basics of heroism, heroes can be very different from each other. They have different jobs, grow up in different types of households, and learn different sets of skills and each have a different purpose or motivation for their heroism. There are however a few traits that run across the board no matter what type of hero you are dealing with.…

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