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Death of a Salesman In the play Death of a Salesman, appearance vs. reality is one of the major themes throughout the story. Biff says it himself, “I’m tired of living in a dream.” Willy represents appearance. His perspective on life was clouded by his need for the “American Dream”. Biff represents reality. Biff saw things for what they truly were and didn’t lie to himself or others. This shows that Willy and Biff are opposite characters who each represent the theme of appearance vs. reality in the play. Willy was an old man with a wife and two sons. He worked as a salesman and his job was very important to him. Willy never got to live his dream. His life passed him by and he was left without anything to show for. Now in…show more content…
His dream was to be wealthy and successful. Ben offered him to come with him twice and he turned him down. Those were two missed opportunities to make his dream come true. Biff is Willy’s oldest son. He was a good football player and was offered scholarships. His math teacher didn’t pass him and he was going to go to summer school so that he could make up his math class and get the credits. He never went to summer school because he found out that his father had an affair. Biff knew the truth. He knew all along but kept it to himself. He was always realistic and not ignorant or foolish like his father. If his father had raised Biff with discipline and values Biff would have succeeded in life. That’s why Biff was away from home. He wanted to get away from his fathers non-sense. In the end Willy just can’t bare reality and Biff can’t bare all of the lies. Willy was never able to accept the fact that he made mistakes. He couldn’t admit to that he was wrong and try and make things rite. Willy just ignored the problems and pretended like things were ok. Biff is tired of his fathers deceit but he had been holding back because of his mother Linda and brother Happy. Finally Biff opens up and tells his father what he had been wanting to say for a long time. Biff and Willy get into a fight or argument and Willy leaves the house never to come back. In conclusion, Willy and Biff

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