Death 's Life Span By Robert Feldman

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Death is something that everyone has to eventually face it one day. The conception of death changes across the life span, as it is mention in the book “Discovering the life span” by Robert Feldman. Defining death is a complex process, which is determining at which point does the life ends. There are different stages of death such as functional death, brain death, infant and childhood deaths, and death in adolescence, death in young adulthood, death in middle adulthood and death in late adulthood. Death education term refers to different educational activities and various experiences related to death, bereavement, grief and affection for people who are being affected by death.
There are many reasons to provide death education course as it would help people advance the field and would prepare them if there were a death in their family. It also gives the public a basic knowledge on how to better deal with death, dying, and grief for both others and their own death. Death education occurred when people started hiding death, especially in western societies. Public usually let hospitals deal with dying and don’t share it with their children because it would affect them and they won’t be able to grief. We have also seen that even the hospital staffs are not comfortable sharing the news of someone who passed away. Since this concept is usually hidden from some family members, many people have less opportunity to confront their feelings towards this matter and don’t get a realistic
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