Death with Dignity Essay

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In 1983 twenty-five-year old Nancy Cruzan was driving when her car careened off the road and flipped over. She was thrown out of her car into a ditched and was left lying there unconscious. Her body was victim to its surroundings and to fate. When she was found by paramedics, she was unconscious and not breathing. They concluded that she had not been breathing for at least fifteen minutes, but through the miracles of modern technology she was revived into a vegetative state (Gumm). This began a long crusade for Nancy Cruzan and her family and only added to the enduring debate about euthanasia. Should a person be able to control when to end his life? I believe that a person should control when life ends while facing a terminal illness or …show more content…
After finally accepting that Nancy would not be revived, the family asked the state hospital to remove her feeding tubes so that she could move on. Unfortunately, it could not be this easy. Discovering that Nancy was not allowed by the state to be taken off of life support, they proceeded with legal action. After several suits between the Cruzan family and the state's attorney general in the Missouri court system, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear its first right-to-die case, that of Nancy Cruzan. In a 5-4 decision, the Cruzan family lost, buried in hundreds of pages of the Supreme Court’s opinion. Eventually, their lawyer was able to find the key that would let them retry the case in Missouri, leading them to a victory (Gumm). Despite the success that Nancy and her family had at this time, they paid a heavy price. Nancy had been left in a persistent vegetative state for seven years. It was known earlier that death was unavoidable for her, yet she was not allowed to move on by the state due to the many ethical and medical gray areas associated with euthanasia. Idaho is one of the states that has gray areas dealing with euthanasia. In the past week, an article in the Post Register appeared that elaborates about the Idaho senate passing a bill, making assisted suicide illegal. Sen. Michelle Stennett voices several concerns about the bill saying, “There is … a very big gray area of what is considered when you take somebody off of life support. Will

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