Essay on Deaths Due to Stress

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Deaths Due to Stress 110 million die yearly due to a stress related disease or stress itself. Stress is usually a “normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or [that] upset your balance. (“Stress Symptoms, Signs, & Causes.”). But too much stress causes stress-related diseases. To further prevent this, teens should be more social and also adults should be more helpful and understanding. If your stress gets out of hand, 7 parts of your body can be affected, included your heart, brain, nerves, and reproductive system. To be sick with a stress related disease - such as Insomnia - your immune molecules have to be affected first. Henceforth, the “brain changes its functions … [and] induce a … set of behaviors we all call…show more content…
When they let it all go and socialize, their stress levels may become normal. People should experience stress, but “experienc[ing] … [stress] too often … can cause stress-related illness” ("7 Kinds of Stress-Related Illness."). You might be thinking “what does this have to do with ME?” Well, technically speaking, stress-related illness doesn't only affect the person suffering from it, but “one in five of us each year … [and] [also] costs the economy 3.7 pounds (6,224,140,000.00 US Dollar) a year” ("7 Kinds of Stress-Related Illness."). Actions like this cannot simply erase, but they can be reversed. Adults should be willing to help their kids - not judge and make fun of their child like most parents are today. Parents don't care if the child is suffering from anxiety, most of the time they don't even know! Based on my conclutions, about 80% of a teens problems would be solved. This problem - teens getting stressed and getting stress-related diseases causing a great loss of money - affects everyone one way or another. So instead of overlooking a person’s anxiety, depression or stress, an adult should help them. If an adult helps at least one person, it’ll make the consequences easier for the future. Stress does in fact cause death. Has anyone ever thought about the consequences for depression or anxiety? Depression or anxiety causes tiresome in anyone suffering it. Tiredness makes it difficult for you to do anything. Driving? Keep off the

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