Deaths In Hot Cars Nearly Triple Summary

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In the article Deaths in Hot Cars Nearly Triple, Steve Visser claims that the number of children who have died due to being left in hot car is quickly increasing in this year. There have been a lot of suggestions from experts about how to prevent these accidents, but a lot of similar cases still continue to happen. The claim of the article is explicit because it clearly and directly shows the topic which is the increase of hot-car deaths, the explanations, and the recommendations for the problem. The author gives some interview results to support his claim. For example, according to Amy Artuso, program manager for the council, there were 11 death cases in this year compared to 4 cases at the same time last year. Despite the fact that many parents…show more content…
The death case in East Baton Rouge is an illustration of this point. The father who is a baseball coach left his eight-month-old daughter in the car instead of dropping her off at day care. WBRZ reported that the temperatures in Baton Rouge could reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 20 minutes. This caused the baby died of hyperthermia and elevated body temperature. Her father then was arrested and charged with negligent homicide because he was too careless in taking care of his daughter. This reminds people of a similar case in Atlanta two years ago. Twenty-two-month-old Cooper Harris died after being left in the sweltering back seat of a car in June 2014 while his father, Justin Ross Harris, was at work. What seemed like a tragic accident took a shocking turn when, three months later, a Georgia grand jury indicted Harris on charges of murder. Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, said “The Harris case was one of 30 children who died in 2014 after being left in parked cars… At least 44 children died in 2013.” When a lot of similar accidents happened in recent year, it is very important for parents to be more were more cognizant of the danger because a car that they drive every day can kill their little
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