Death's Marathon Shot0By-Shot Analysis Essay

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Shot-by-shot Analysis of "Death's Marathon" dir. D.W. Griffith. (1913) Shot 1(straight-on angle): • White text on black background written, " To find his friend before he losses all" (2 seconds). Cut to Shot 2 (medium long shot, slightly low angle): • Front of house, with stairs slightly to the right of shot and potted plant on either side of stairs. Friend (man) enters from right and walks up stairs (2 seconds). Cut to Shot 3 (medium shot, straight-on angle): • Interior of living room where foreground is pretty vacant but background has a study and a desk with a vase with flowers in it. There are three ladies standing: Two nurses on either side of the wife. wife asks maid on left something (1 second) then turns back…show more content…
His drivers drives him away, exit right of shot (4 seconds). Cut to. Shot 15 (medium long shot, straighten angle) • shot of husband walking on the street along shops, one which has "rokers" written on window on the left of screen. He walks towards the shop, pauses to stare at it and then walks in (4 seconds). Cut to. Shot 16 (medium shot, straight on) • interior of 'Rokers' shop. There is a desk with a telephone on it, and chair in the foreground. The background though is more cluttered with a study, stacks of books, a rocking chair and cabinets . Husband enters through door on the right of shot. inspects the space, takes his hat off then unbuttons his jacket, pulls a gun that he's been keeping in his pocket out and sits down on chair and is inspecting the gun (21 seconds). Cut to. Shot 17 (long shot, slightly high angle) • shot of exterior of house (like shot 2). Friend's car drives in from right of screen and parks in front of steps leading up to house front door. Friend gets off car and walks briskly into the house (5 seconds). Cut to. Shot 18 (medium long shot, slightly high angle): • interior of room (like shot 3), wife sitting on chair on the right side of the foreground. Then enters maid with friend. Cut to. Shot 19 (medium shot, straight on) • interior of room (like shot 16). Husband sitting on chair, leaning against table with telephone near his elbow. Husband looks at gun, chuckles then looks at telephone and picks it up (8

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