Debate About Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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Debate about Qualitative and quantitative Research in Social Research Introduction This essay attempts to discuss the distinctiveness and concerns of qualitative and quantitative research approaches in the social research. While looking the similarities and differences between this two approach, it will illuminate the historical perspectives, criteria for choosing the most useful method for each social research, the interpretative structures, and the paradigms. It will also provide the strength and weaknesses of these two methods. Then it will briefly look at how these two methods can be combined in a single research and the importance of each in the social research. The Historical Perspectives Research actually means the way of finding the results or answers for various questions. Certain methods are used to conduct a research. And actually, according to Balnaves, Donald, and Shoesmith (2009), `Methods are the actual techniques you use to collect evidence, such as surveys and experiments`. The quantitative research method was prevalent when the researchers were interested in the study of the social sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology. This quantitative method was used to measure the data or to do the statistical analysis of the data. It includes the using of theory, making a different hypothesis, making a various observation and finally coming to the conclusion. It really deals with the research of the things which can be measured and calculated. Here the
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