Debate Discussion: Divorce

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1.0 Introduction This report aims to see and explore people’s opinion about divorce. The report will include 2 sides, people who support divorce, and people who are against divorce. Included in this report will be what started the debate and who is involved in the issue. 2.0 Issues And Background of The Debate By definition, divorce is an legal act which married couple decided to dissolve their marriage because of difference between the individuals (Merriam Webster Web Dictionary) Religion in general does not legalize marriage, in the other hand most countries now legalize marriage. 3.0 Social Significance Of The Debate As nowadays a lot of people are open-minded, divorce is seen as something normal already. Centuries ago, divorce is seen as something taboo. The rate of divorce is getting higher over time. But even though it is now considered as something common, divorce still have negative effects, especially to family members that are directly involved in the process. 4.0 Participants in The Debate Main participants are the couples who want to divorce. If they have children from their marriage, they are also the main participants of the divorce. Sometimes, family members or friends from the couple may also be involved. 5.0 The Differing Views 5.1 Divorce Negatively Affects Children-Well Being 5.1.1 Bad Behavior Children that are involved in divorce will see their parents argue over things that they may not understand. Seeing their parents argue all the time will
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