Debate Over Racism Continued With The Death Of Thomas Eric Duncan

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Debates over racism continued with the death of Thomas Eric Duncan. Online communities thought that Ebola did not killed Duncan, but instead the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Rumors like "...A statement released by the family of the first person to be diagnosed and die of the Ebola virus in the United States called it 'suspicious ' that all white patients treated in America survived the illness..." appeared on Facebook (Patriot Outdoor News). In "Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of "MySpace or Facebook?" Danah Boyd explains how "[social media] ...actually reveals social stratification and reproduces social divisions" (410). The rumors about Duncan 's death show the effects of exaggerating social aspects online. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital health care services could have lead Duncan 's health providers into legal and economic problems. Racial remarks not only caused tension, but also created inaccurate scientific information. Similar to Dr. Cathy Picard 's tweet, Huzler tweeted " 'Ebola Vaccine Only Works On White People ' says CDC" Under this tweet others quoted or retweeted Huzler 's article to spread the "scientific information" about CDC. Huzler 's site repeats the exact same information as the tweet, however they do not quote CDC on their assumption. On CDC 's website the Sierra Leone Trial, research for a vaccine that cures Ebola, has been tested on

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