Debate Over The Issue Of Abortion

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Christina Humbert
PHL 210
Dr. Pierce
Paper 3

Comprehensive Debate Over The Issue of Abortion

The issue of abortion is has been widely debated for many years and still continues to lead headlines today. It sparks debates in classrooms, courtrooms, and family rooms across the country as the issue is so complex, there are a variety of views and responses to its morality and legality. To understand the current debate over the issues concerning abortion we must not look at this issue from a black and white perspective of what is right and what is wrong , but rather we must take a comprehensive approach which analyzes the complex questions and factors tied to the morality of abortion. By looking at the responses to the question of abortion, as discussed by Mary Anne Warren, Judith Jarvis Thomson, and Don Marquis, we might better understand on how to respond to this issue in terms of what we think and why others assert the view that they do. A comprehensive understanding of the many issues tied to abortion allows one to most successfully defend their beliefs on this complex issue. The first issue often debated concerning abortion is the status of the fetus, and at what point in human development does a fetus become a person. This question can only be answered by understanding and defining what it is to be a person or personhood. Mary Anne Warren responses to this topic in “On The Moral and Legal State of Abortion and Postscript Infanticide” where Warren believes that a
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