Debate Reporting Of Ethics Violations Essay

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Debate Reporting of Ethics Violations

Working with people on a daily basis for over 25 years, I have learned to recognize personality traits with colleagues and people I have serving. As I grew in my profession, I also, understand more of the ethical procedures on how to handle certain scenarios. Currently, I have to apply HIPPA procedures in everything I do on the computer, talking on the phone, and face-to-face with clients and colleagues. In a case scenario, I hear of some co-workers Mary and Jerry debating on reporting an ethical violation and hearing this causes concern of a decision to confront the them. More times than so, a colleague had not been approached by this concern (VandenBos and Duthie, 1986).
Mary: Psychologist Smith had an affair with one of the clients should be reported if the client goes to court.
Jerry: We don’t work closely with Dr. Smith so we don’t have to tell anyone we know. There is no link to us, Mary.
Claudia: {stopped in the hallway overhearing} A plausible framework for reference when facing an ethical dilemma is available in the book Ethical Practice in Forensic Psychology; exhibit 7.1 (Bush, Connell, and Denney, 2006). In the scenario, for the character of Mary, she does want to report the ethical issue about her co-worker. One consideration before Mary reports is the significance of the violation (Bush, Connell, and Denney, 2006). Dr. Smith is a therapist and violated standard 5. As the APA Code of Ethics principles states do comply

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