Debate, Suspicion and Controversy Created by College Admission Policies

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The Silence is Over
College admission policies have caused tremendous controversy, debate and suspicion in the eyes of Americans today. Causing students to stress out even more and call into question the merit and validity of such policies. Because students feel certain admission policies are preventing their chances of admissions. The most controversial admission policy is affirmative action. Since whites and other non-minorities feel that this admission policy doesn’t benefit them, so they attack it and say it is unjust. But in all actuality this admission policy is miniature compared to other preference such as legacy preferences. But whites do not attack this policy and overlook its significance because it benefits them. To show the significance, merit, and validity of each, I am going to explore the impacts and need for Affirmative action and legacy preferences.
In today’s society, minorities are still significantly unequal. The 13th amendment, 14th Amendment, Plessy vs. Ferguson case, and the Brown vs. Board of education are worthless, ineffective, and deceiving. The 13th amendment abolished slavery, but we live in a society where there is a new type of slavery. Blacks and non-minorities are slaves to the societal expectations, limitations, stereotypes and disadvantages, by the shackles placed on them by white society. The 14th amendment granted all people born in the United States, The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. But is this true for…