Debate on "Should Computers Replace Teachers"

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This is the first argument that I would like to give against the motion.
I agree that some aspects of the educational system are already provided by the computer and yes, it is definitely true that you don't need a person to learn everything - education is a largely personal matter. However, if we eliminate the teacher-student interaction completely, a part of the educational experience will be lost. It's not just the act of standing before a class that makes a teacher a teacher, there's the whole social experience of learning - the working together, bouncing ideas off of one another, etc. People are always complaining about the loss of social contact that has come with the age of technology I fail to imagine what they'd be saying if the
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Are we going to compromise our control over what they learn by employing rouge humans? Are we going to miss an opportunity to make a feasible cut from the educational budget that could bring your state out of debt?

I think the answer is clear for anyone who truly care for our young students out their.

Certain jobs should only belong to robot computers, and teaching is one of them.

I look forward to your response. ;)
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First of all I would like to thank my worthy opponent for accepting this debate.It will surely be great fun to debate with Marauder.
Now to talk about the debate I would first like to bring forward my reply for my opponent's and then I shall move on to my arguments.

"I know most members of this website find semantics annoying and cheap but since I'm arguing for the PRO side of this resolution I still feel a need to point out an important semantic flaw. The Resolution is 'Computers CAN replace...' and even from reading Con's first argument you can see he has already admitted that it 'CAN' be done though he says it would lose an important quality desired in a teaching environment. So by Con's own admission the Resolution has been affirmed PRO; that Computers CAN indeed replace human teachers."
First of all I'd like to clarify that I had suggested in my previous argument that SOME aspects of the educational system are provided by the computer and not all the aspects are covered up by it. On the contrary,a teacher
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