Debates On Global Warming

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I. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
A. Background of the debate on the perceived global warming phenomenon 1. Temperature increase 2. Disparity and the reasons why
B. Arguments for the perceived fact of human influence on global warming 1. The greenhouse effect 2. Global disaster C. Arguments that human influence on global warming is fictitious 1. Amount of CO2 2. Natural reasons for global warming
One of the most longstanding and most passionately debated topics in the scientific community today is based on conceptions of global warming. The one aspect that the scientific community seems to agree on is the fact that since the mid to late 19th century, just prior to the Industrial Age, the earth has increased its annual median temperature. Some scientific theories, however, state that this effect has largely to do with humanity's propensity for burning fossil fuels, and speculate that this tendency will wreak devastating consequences on the earth due to this fact. On the other side of the debate lies those who state that these perceived effects of global warming is a hoax, as is the effect of humanity on the earth's average median temperature, Proponents that claim global warming is a fact that is largely in response to mankind's penchant for burning fossil fuels since the advent of the 20th century back up this assertion by alluding to the greenhouse effect. According to this greenhouse theory, the fossil fuels that are released into the earth's

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