Debating Immigration Essay

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Debating Immigration

Immigration is the movement of people into another nation with the intention of living

there permanently. After a four centuries of immigration have passed and people have moved

from region to region, the breeding of different races has caused there to be over two thousand

different races. The social construction of stereotypes has a far greater impact on race. This is

what leads to discrimination and finally unequal treatment and even hatred among immigrants of

all shades of skin pigment.

Like the history of past colonists who migrated to the USA started in the early 1600's,

most modern day immigrants are motivated to relocate far from their original homes for the

desire to improve
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American Born citizens also believe in and practice differently then the rest of the

American society, so why does the situation get slammed on immigrants when the participate in

these activities? I mentioned this situation to a co-worker of mine, Brad Tibbs and this is what

he said, "Only in the USA can you be an American born citizen on welfare standing on a card

board box in broad day light in the middle of a busy intersection, yelling at the top of your lungs

"I hate America" and get away with it. In any other country where these people are coming from

they would be killed for doing such a thing. When they come here to the USA they give or

country more respect then our own Americans" (Tibbs, Brad). It's really a true statement if you

really take a moment to really absorb what Brad said. At first I was like whatever guy. Then I

sat down and wrote what he had just said to me and it really does mean a lot to the way all

people, of all races, immigrated or born citizen look at the USA.

The motivation behind immigration to the USA over the last four hundred years was

mainly done for two reasons. They need to leave their prior environment to survive and the

attraction of the advertisement of the new ways of the USA. For those two main reasons almost

everyone would like to go to the USA. "The one and only reason that the USA is chosen by

immigrants more then any
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