Debating Obamacare

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Justice Roberts mediated and ruled over the issue of healthcare in a situation where the Supreme Court vote was deadlocked. The issue features articles describing the political and social context in which Roberts made his decisions and examines the implications of his actions for the Obama administration as well as for the citizens of the United States of America. Roberts firmly defends his positions, standing up to Republicans and Democrats alike, to the amazement of many, Roberts cedes to neither side and yet also provides satisfaction to both sides. The article refers back to the days of the New Deal when comparing the gravity of Robert's role in American healthcare in this issue. Healthcare is an issue that is important and sensitive to most Americans, particularly during the economic obstacles present and experience during the 21st century. Obamacare is an issue that insights heated debates and intense opinions from all across the political spectrum. Roberts was very much aware of all these tensions are he stepped into court. Since the ruling, various parties involved in this issue have spun the verdict into press for their own objectives. Republicans have taken the "loss" suffered in the compromise and united behind their angst. President Obama has redoubled efforts to pass more and similar kinds of…
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