Debating Sex and Gender and After Identity

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In Debating Sex and Gender and After Identity, Dr. Warnke presents various arguments that demonstrate how sex, gender, and race are all social constructs. Do you agree or disagree with her argument, and why?

Concepts of sex, gender and race in English language have undergone uncountable naturalization and universalities, to a point that they are now considered to have always been present. There are numerous arguments that revolve around the three concepts of human diversity. Dr. Warnke for example argues that the three concepts above are social constructs (Warnke 153). This paper is in the light of Dr Warnke’s argument but rather disagrees with her argument about sex, gender and race as
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Social organization of people into identifiable groups is more likely than terming sex a social construct. The society’s role of creating sex as Dr. Warnke claims therefore becomes sidelined by this fact.

Borrowing evidence from literacy and entertainment works can help establish what or what is not constructed by the society in relation to race, sex and gender. A book by the title “Black Like Me” and the famous story of Billy Tipton depicts that fact. Billy Tipton was a famous musician who was all along thought to be a male (Warnke 162). Upon dying, it was established that this musician was actually female. The interesting bit of it is that Billy Tipton got married twice to women. This secret was discovered only after death. If it was the role of the society to construct sex and gender, then the case of this musician could have been identified earlier and no secrets would be underlying. Since sex and gender are not social constructs as claimed by Dr. Warnke, it follows suit that it would be hard for similar cases as that of Billy Tipton to be identified. However, race or ethnicity as a social construction is evidenced by the fact that this musician actually identified with a given race or ethnic group although the sex and gender aspect of the same person was comprised,
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