Debating the Human Contribution to Climate Change

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Debating the Human Contribution to Climate Change Debating the Human Contribution to Climate Change Global climate change is a hot point of contention on an international scale. This subject went from ridicule, mockery, and doubt to massive grassroots and nonprofit movements, heated debates, and media headlines. Though there exists scientific research that dates back into the mid 20th century regarding impending climate change, the subject was not take seriously by massive audiences until the 21st century. At first the debate over global warming was whether or not it existed. The debate has evolved into whose fault is it and strategies for counteracting or reversing the damage. The paper will provide a brief history of this debate as well as a current understanding of both side of the argument. The paper aims to define ways in which humanity both contributes and combats global climate change. As aforementioned, when public figures such as former Vice President Al Gore began speaking publically regarding global climate change, average people as well as experts & professionals across fields, did not take these claims seriously. As more scientific research was performed, evidence mounted that at least the Earth is in the midst of an environmental change of global proportions. Once this shift in the issue occurred, the debate became more about the precise nature of global warming (identifying markers) and the human contribution to the situation. Some argue that humans
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