Essay on Debating the Merits of Globalization

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ITR 201 – Internnational Business Assignment – Closing Case: Debating the Merits of Globalization Case Questions 1. Do you think globalization and MNE activities are creating problems for the world? What kinds of problems can you identify? What are the unintended consequences of international business? 2. Summarise the argument in favour of globalization made by the business executive. What is the role of technology in supporting company performance in a global business environment? 3. What are the roles of the states and federal governments in dealing with globalization. What is government’s role in protecting citizens from the negative effect of foreign MNEs conducting business in your country ? What kinds of…show more content…
Well, I think the advent of the internet, mobile phones and the development of marketing softwares which are all products of technology have a lot to do with supporting international business environment, because these technologies made everything easier by making the world a small global village. 3. Some state and federal governments have a played a great role in globalization, by inviting the foreign investors to invest in their countries. Reducing the taxes, giving them free lands In my country the federal government places certain regulations that limit the activities of MNEs, an example is the banning of gas flaring in Niger Delta region of Nigeria, a region which is dominated by many Multinational firms. I recommend that the government should place the strict regulations, and should make sure that the regulations are being followed by the concerned MNEs. Furthermore, I would also suggest that and levies should be placed on the MNEs that go against them. 4. Education is has a very important role to play, firstly in making the people aware of the negative impacts of Globalization and
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