Debating the Topics Monism and Vedanta Essay

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Monism and Vedanta Philosophical way on humanity, for centuries philosophers have debated on a topic called Monism. Monists hold the principle that being is purely based upon one critic “category of being” this means that either the person is made up of only the body or only the mind (Morris). Because Animists, Hindus, and Buddhists believe that reality is one and that everything that exists is a functioning part of that whole which is spirit are for the most part monists. Western people for the most part may be called a monist also as they believe that God is dead and matter is the only substance to reality. As a consequence, monism is the claim that mind and matter essentially the same. The concept of transcendental reality…show more content…
Behaviorist, B.F.Skinner, claims that someone is thirsty because they drink, not because they drink because they are thirsty (Skinner). There are also many examples of people who had their basic behavior change, as a result of chemical use, brain injuries. And with all this mounting evidence there are many people who believe that there are no NON-PHYSICAL MINDS, and that we only have BRAINS, and these people are called Monist. The Upanishads is called the ultimate reality- Brahman. It means the ultimate reality that is behind the universe and all the gods. The Upanishads describe Brahman as the eternal, the conscious, and infinite. Some pantheist thinkers consider that devotion is nothing but an easier path towards reaching the same remote union with the impersonal Ultimate Reality, towards attaining the death of personhood, the main source of illusion which is called Maya. Maya being the biggest illusion of reality, it makes a person Avidya or in simple language ignorant. It is explained in the Upanishads that Moksha is the most important factor, because it is called the freedom, it brings a person to a point in life where they don’t need to reincarnate because they have reached the high aspire of life, and got Moksha (simple words- free from the world). Samasara (world) is the cycle of death and life and rebirth. To get Moksha from the Samasara you have to completely understand the Brahman and accept
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