Debbie Givens: Most Admired Leader

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Most Admired Leader. To be a leader means having ethical and moral courage to set an example to your community, a leader is someone who keeps themselves and others encouraged. An outstanding leader in my life is my nana, Debbie Givens. My nana is sixty three year old registered nurse, she’s worked in multiple ICU units across the south, such as St. Vincent, Baptist Medical Center, SouthWest Hospital Geyer Springs and Heart of Florida. She has constantly showed leadership skills even when she was younger, as a high school students in the sixties she was a tutor for her fellow classmates in English and she had an afterschool job where she was a cashier. As she got older and started her own family she continued to show these skills, as a wife with two children and a husband traveling on railroads she had to take leadership in her home, her job and in her children's lives. To be an RN is not a simple job. Between handling care plans for patients, handling trauma cases being handed to you constantly and keeping the ICU running properly is a huge responsibility. My nana showed leadership skills in the…show more content…
She would come to every appointment my mom had, ask as many questions as she thought was necessary to make the point clearer and even change doctors to demand to see others if she felt as if her daughter wasn’t getting the treatment needed to beat this disease. An example of this would be one week after my mom had her laryngectomy surgery in Chicago she was rushed to a hospital in Missouri for an infection- which was causing the tissue to die and therefore would of made the surgery unsuccessful. My nana demanded to get my mom to Chicago before everything failed and changed IV’s because they had become bloated and uncomfortable. She succeed in this, the very next her and my mom were on a medical jet to
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