Debbie s dilemma week 4 assignment 2 Essay

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Debbie’s Dilemma Ja’kaye Robinson Professor Vince Ochotorena HCA340: Managing in Health & Human Services November 19, 2014 Use Herzberg’s two factor theory to explain Debbie’s level of motivation. According to Herzberg two factor theory there are “two issues that play an important role in the workplace experience: hygiene factors and motivational factors”( Fischer and Baack, 2013 ). Hygiene factors contains wages, hours, working conditions and relationships with supervisors. Motivational factors consist of achievements, recognition, actual work or job, responsibility, and the chance for advancement or growth, and relationships with peers. Herzberg states that a person is either satisfied and driven or unfulfilled and…show more content…
It is because of this she feels as though she is being treated unfairly and unequally and has decided to look for work elsewhere. Use Vroom’s expectancy theory to explain this situation. Vroom’s expectancy theory explains that an individual’s belief that a given level of effort will result in successful performance at task (Fischer and Baack, 2013). This theory includes three primary elements: expectancy, instrumentality, and valence. Effort leads to performance which leads to reward. In Debbie’s case her expectancy and instrumentality is low because she feels no matter how hard she tries she will never get the recognition she feels she deserves with this company. Debbie’s valance was high when she received praise and recognition for obtaining her Master’s degree, but again went low when she learn of the two LPN’s receiving pay increases not for furthering their education or taking on more responsibilities but for complaining. If you were advising the three physicians in the organization, what would you tell them they should have done when confronted by the two LPNs? Defend your advice. I would make it clear to the physicians that the reason Debbie received a pay increase is due to her pursuit of higher education. Simply giving out raises because they were approached is not acceptable, and would not be tolerated again. I would have advised that they again speak to the nurses and offer to pay for

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