Deborah Clark Changing The Future Of Health Professions:January

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Deborah Clark Changing the Future of Health Professions: January 25, 2017 Embedding Interprofessional Education Within an Academic Health Center
In the article “Changing the future of health professions: Embedding interprofessional education within an academic health center,” by Blue, A. V., Mitcham, M., Smith, T., Raymond, J., &
Greenberg, R. (2010) the authors talk about the need for changes in the health education system.
They contend that IPE is the needed change that can make healthcare better and more efficient.
This article is mainly about how the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has implemented IPE into their education program.
The university was required to write a …show more content…

The fourth goal requires the student to show their teamwork skills in a healthcare or research setting.
For Creating Collaborative Care (C3) to be successful, it had to become an integral part of university life. To ensure the success of Creating Collaborative Care (C3), four domains were created to implement IPE experiences into university life. The first domain is curricular. This domain makes sure that IPE is implemented into academic curriculum. The curricular domain makes sure students have experiences that focus on IPE which will fulfill the first goal of Creating Collaborative Care (C3). To achieve the second and third goals first year students are required to take an IPE class and complete a group project to show their interprofessional skills.
The second domain is extracurricular. Team building skills are taught in various student organizations. Other extracurricular activities that provide IPE experiences are the Student Interprofessional Society, Presidential Scholars Program, CLARION Interprofessional Case Competition, and IPE fellowships.
The third domain is faculty. Faculty must have the skills necessary to teach IPE so continuing education courses through training sessions or seminars is offered. Faculty has embraced this new concept, and it is now a requirement for faculty to receive IPE training to receive promotions or awards.
The fourth domain is healthcare

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