Deborah Tannen 's You 're Wearing That?

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In Deborah Tannen’s, You’re Wearing That?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation Tannen describes the typical relationship between a mother and daughter. She discusses the importance of their relationship with each other and how important this relationship is. Tannen is a linguist; she studies how people talk to others. This reading provides multiple examples of mother and daughter conversations and how these conversations effect the relationship between the mother and her daughter.
In many families, the relationship between a mother and her daughter is the closest relationship in the family. The bond a mother and daughter have can be similar to bonds between anyone else in the family, a mother’s and daughter’s relationship is different than anyone else’s in many ways.
To most girls, the most important opinion of them comes from their own mothers. The text talks about how much a mother’s opinion can really impact their daughter. The smallest comments from a mother means so much to their daughter. The text also mentions how just a gaze from a mother says it all, and can lead to an upset and hurt daughter (Tannen, 1978). Personally, I always want my mom to be happy with my choices. Whenever there is a special occasion and I want a new dress for it, I always want my mom to come shopping with me, not just because she may offer to pay for it, but I want her to see my options. Even when my mom isn’t able to go shopping with me, I still want to get her thoughts

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